By Zemzem Ainan, Bellwether’s Administrative Assistant. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program commonly referred to as SNAP, is a federal aid program that provides food purchasing assistance for people who are low-income or have no income. SNAP is the largest nutrition assistance program and its caseload has increased substantially as a result of the recent economic […]

Merger Announced: Bellwether Housing Brings on Board the Expertise of Common Ground. Merger Sustains 33-Year History in Which the Two Nonprofits Developed Over 11,000 Affordable Homes in Washington State. Bellwether Housing announced a historic merger with Common Ground, taking effect today, October 1st. The merger allows two of the premier local affordable housing champions to […]

Increasing rents and (the lack of) rental affordability have been in the news a lot lately (as have attempts to explain what’s going on). And yet, with all the coverage I’m still perplexed! The market will take care of itself.  This is a classic phrase that gets mentioned often by proponents of a free market […]

Today’s guest blogger is Heather Song, Executive Assistant at Bellwether. Microhousing. This is not a new topic. We’ve even touched on it before in a past blog. The feelings about microhousing or aPodments, as trademarked by Calhoun Properties, run the gamut. From dislike and a fear of what they might bring into a neighborhood to a feeling […]